Parent Responsibilities

We recognize that parents are the primary educators who extend to and share with our school the responsibility for the education of their children.  The home and family are the basic educational environment where values are communicated and character formation is begun and continued. 

Our faculty understands the importance of open lines of communication between parents and educators and sees cooperative collaboration as essential.

To strengthen the communication bond between parents and educators, we ask that every parent:

  • Ensure all financial accounts with the school remain current.
  • Read the Parent/Student Handbook and sign the compliance form.
  • Sign and return the Substance Abuse agreement (High School only).
  • Complete 15 service hours each school year.
  • Join either our Home & School organization or our Green Hornet Club. 
For Your Information:  The Asbestos Management Plan is available in the Business Office for your inspection.
Child Protection Certification: Anyone wishing to volunteer must be child protection certified.  Contact Amy Andre at [email protected] with questions.  If you are already child protection certified, please sign a new code of ethics each year.  You can find them on the website under resources/forms.