Lunch Program

  • Parents are welcome to eat in the cafeteria at any time at their cost based on the current breakfast and lunch meal prices.
  • No fast food, canned drinks, or candy is allowed in the cafeteria during lunch. 
  • A student cannot be served if there is no money in his/her account.
  • Payments can be made annually, semi-annually, or monthly.
  • Cash payments should be delivered to the cafeteria by a parent.
  • There will be a $33 charge on all NSF checks.
  • At the end of the school year, parents may receive a refund of unused money from the student’s account by requesting it, in writing, from the Cafeteria Manager before the last day of school.

To make cafeteria payments as efficient and effective as possible for our parents, we are now giving you an online option.  Go to (under the "meal Info" tab in the "Payment Options" section) or go to
You can make payments to your child's cafeteria account (see website for fees), view purchases*, view current account balance*, sign up for monthly auto drafts, and sign up for email or text alerts for low balances*.

*Payments can be made by check directly to the cafeteria.  There is no fee for viewing purchases, current account balances, or signing up for email or text alerts.

For LA Chip (Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program) information visit

For Free and Reduced lunch applications, you may apply online at: under "forms" or "meal information" links.
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Lunch Program and Cafeteria Documents, Forms, and Resources:

Allergy Form - Doctor's Excuse is available at under Parent Information at bottom of the page.

Catholic of Pointe Coupee Cafeteria - 225-638-9815