Tuition, fees and registration costs are recommended by the Finance Committee and voted on by the Catholic of Pointe Coupee School Advisory Board.  

Registration Fee: (increases to $300 on or after 2/28/22 and $400 for returning students on or after 4/1/22) $200  (non-refundable)
Tuition: PK3 (3 day) program $4,000
  PK3 (5 day) – 6th grade $5,270
  7th – 12th grade $6,410
Supply Fee: PK3 - 6th grade $75/$100 5th/6th grades
Snack Fee: PK3 - 1st grade $100
Instructional Materials Fee:   $150
Building & Maintenance Fee:   $200 (per family)
Graduation Fee (seniors only): (sr. retreat & graduation expenses) $300
Security Fee:   $20
Activity Fee: 7th - 12th grades $150
Technology Fee:
PK3 - 3rd grade
4th - 8th grade (1:1 technology)
9th - 12th grade (1:1 technology) 
Yearbook Fee: Optional - must opt out during registration process if not interested $60 (per book)
Parent Service Hour Fee: assessed if minimum service hour requirement not met - can be prorated according to hours performed $500
** Family Max.- 4th student receives free tuition - call the business office for eligibility requirements.

Guidelines for the payment of tuition and fees:

Catholic of Pointe Coupee requires prepaid tuition. Tuition and fees must be paid in full by June 1st for the forthcoming school year.  The school offers the option of a tuition bank loan program through Gulf Coast Bank (  A late fee of $500 per student will be charged for those paying tuition or taking out a loan on after the stated due date.  All fees are nonrefundable.

Students may not take semester exams until all financial obligations to the school have been fulfilled. Parent(s) of the student may be notified that the student is to remain home on the examination days. Delinquent payments made immediately prior to examinations must be made in cash or by cashier’s check or money order in order for them to be deemed received by the school and allowing the student to take any examinations not yet given.

A $25 fee will be charged for N.S.F. checks and the school reserves the right to require all future payments be made by cash or money order. 

If tuition loan payments are in arrears for 60 days, or if a pattern of NSF payments develops, the school reserves the right to require that tuition be paid in full for the remainder of the academic year.  The school has the option of removing the student(s) from participation in extra-curricular activities or dismissing the student(s) from Catholic of Pointe Coupee School.
Tuition loan defaults will be charged a $500 collection fee and the school reserves the right to deny future tuition loans through the school’s Gulf Coast Bank loan program.
Student records, including but not limited to report cards, transcripts and graduation diplomas, will not be released until all financial obligations have been fulfilled.
Parent(s)/guardian(s) are liable for any collection costs, court costs and legal fees incurred by the school to collect delinquent accounts.

Students with a past due tuition balance may not re-register for the following school year.
In keeping with the vision of Catholic of Pointe Coupee, the Business Office welcomes parents throughout the school year to discuss, in advance of delinquency, conditions that may prevent them from fulfilling their obligation to pay tuition. Alternative payment plans will be considered. The Business Office is committed to assisting in providing a plan that will work best for the particular situation.

Withdrawal from school:  All fees, including registration fees, are non-refundable for students accepted by Catholic of Pointe Coupee School. If a student withdraws from school, refunds of tuition only will be pro-rated on a half-yearly basis.  If a student leaves in the second semester, no tuition will be refunded.