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Mission Statement

The mission of Catholic of Pointe Coupee is to provide a religious, academic, and disciplined Catholic education
whereby students develop their talents in service to school, church, and society.

Our Values

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* Each child is accepted for his own inherent spiritual, physical, and intellectual abilities and potential for growth.
* A spirit of mutual respect among teachers, students, and family fosters the good of all within the community.
* Teachers are aware of the responsibility and privilege, which rests upon the school in being entrusted with the education of children.
* Faculty and staff seek to gain guidance, strength, and wisdom from their common interest and personal dedication to the education of all students.
* The school designs school liturgies, prayers, course offerings, and extracurricular activities to train students to think critically, make appropriate judgments, value justice, and prepare for the future.
* The school cultivates a growing appreciation of individual heritage and promotes harmony among students of different talents and backgrounds.
* Students develop an awareness of the obligations and privileges of belonging to a democratic society.
* High expectations for student learning guide curriculum development and teaching strategies. 

Recent News

Elementary 1st Quarter Newspaper Featured Photo

Elementary 1st Quarter Newspaper

Click on the link to view our 1st Quarter Elementary Newspaper created for the kids by the kids. Mrs. Baylee's Journalism students highlighted events and topics from the 1st nine weeks.
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