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Mission Statement

The mission of Catholic of Pointe Coupee is to provide a religious, academic, and disciplined Catholic education
whereby students develop their talents in service to school, church, and society.

Our Values

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* Each child is accepted for his own inherent spiritual, physical, and intellectual abilities and potential for growth.
* A spirit of mutual respect among teachers, students, and family fosters the good of all within the community.
* Teachers are aware of the responsibility and privilege, which rests upon the school in being entrusted with the education of children.
* Faculty and staff seek to gain guidance, strength, and wisdom from their common interest and personal dedication to the education of all students.
* The school designs school liturgies, prayers, course offerings, and extracurricular activities to train students to think critically, make appropriate judgments, value justice, and prepare for the future.
* The school cultivates a growing appreciation of individual heritage and promotes harmony among students of different talents and backgrounds.
* Students develop an awareness of the obligations and privileges of belonging to a democratic society.
* High expectations for student learning guide curriculum development and teaching strategies. 

Recent News

2023-2024 Students and Teacher of the Year Featured Photo

2023-2024 Students and Teacher of the Year

Congrats to all of our deserving winners:
✝️ 5th grade Student of the Year: Emily Langlois
✝️ 8th grade Student of the Year: Sabrina Elliott
✝️ 12th grade Student of the Year: Anna Jean Eaves
✝️ Teacher of the Year: Mr. Nick Smith
One Family, One Vision In Christ

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