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Giving to Catholic

Why Give?
The Annual Fund campaign is a yearly initiative and the foundation of all fundraising at Catholic of Pointe Coupee School. Like most parochial schools, we rely on the philanthropic support (over and above tuition and fees) to maintain a high level of excellence and innovation in education.

The Annual Fund provides unrestricted and much needed support for the School's areas of greatest need.

Memorial Donations
A memorial gift is a “Living Legacy” in honor of your deceased loved one, and continues to help fulfill the mission of prayer, knowledge, and service for our students. Memorial gifts are tax-deductible.

If you would like to send a memorial donation to our school, it may be mailed to the address below.

Catholic of Pointe Coupee
405 Louisiana St.
New Roads, LA  70760

Checks are made payable to: Catholic of Pointe Coupee School

              Please be sure to include in your correspondence:
                      1.    Donor’s name and address
                      2.    Name of the deceased
                      3.    Family or friend name and address for notification of the donation

Memorial Donations from 2015 to present.


Annual Fund Donations
Each year, tuition, fees, and fundraising dollars are used to furnish the services necessary to operate a successful school. Careful supervision of our school’s budget each year, allows us to be proud to operate at the level we have achieved. The reality remains, that a financial gap exists and we depend greatly on the financial and in-kind gifts to our school.

Financial gifts in any amount can be used to help create opportunities for those in need, as well as make improvements to the school’s programs and facilities.

Tax deductible gifts may be mailed.

                       Mailing Address:  

                       Catholic of Pointe Coupee 
                       405 Louisiana St.
                       New Roads, LA  70760

                       Checks are made payable to: Catholic of Pointe Coupee School

2018 Annual Fund Donations

Archila, Julio and Candy
Aultman, Aimee David
Beaud, Joe (92) and Heather 
Bondy, Jeanie and David (69)
Brouillette Don (59)
Brown, Harold
Brown, Jaeson Mack 
Capps, Bettie (63) 
Cazayoux, Ann (58) and Donald (57) 
Cazayoux, Charles (87) 
Chavanne, John and Bonnie (58)
Chustz, James Norman (60)
Chustz, Ralph (65)
Cifreo, Patsy - 
David, Rev. Jamin (00)
Deaton, Sherry and Charles 
Devillier, Stacey (85) and Scott (84)
Doucet, Jacob and Lauren
Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M., III 
Fabre, Most Rev. Shelton (81)
Frey, Justin
Gay, Lynelle (70) and Price
Gosserand, Allie (03) and Craig (99)
Guerin, John
Guidroz, Tommy 
Guillaume, Lynn (Eric (53)
Gustin, Eric and Christine
Hebert, Kathy
Hogan, Daniel (75)
Jewell, James R (75)
Jumonville, Clayton (89)
Kellerman, Dr. and Mrs. Harry 
Kellerman, Ramona, Kurt (83) and Tony (17)
Landry, Raymond and Lynne
Langlois, Marsha and Bourg 
Langlois, John
Leblanc, Charmaine
Leblanc, Linda and Tom
Lemoine, Michael (86) and Desiree (88)
Lemoine, Lance
Lofton, Miles and Leslie
Lorio, Jewell
Loupe, Lillian 
Maillet, Carrie and Gene 
McCoy, Mary Helen (61)
Merrick, Frank and Toddie
Montelaro, Dr. Louis 
Morel, Georgia and Buddy (58) 
Morrison, Walter
Naquin, Carol Jewell (82)
Ness, Corinne Helm (70)
Olinde, Garrett (67)
O'Neal, Cindy (75) and Wade (74)
Oubre, Michael Shawn (91)
Patin, Nicholas
Perkins, Andi Grezaffi (91)
Pinter, Heather and Tim 
Plauche, Eugene (89)
Pourciau, Susan and Charles Ray 
Quinn, Mary Martha 
Rachal, Dr. and Mrs. (74) Paul
Ramagos, Retta
Rainey, Sarah
Rivet, Jeff Lynn
Ross, Elizabeth Gaude' (51)
Roy, Adley
Roy, Larry (50)
Roy, Rob
Sevin, Martin
Smith, Mr and Mrs. Alton Smith
Smith, Charles Ray 
Smith, June Dabadie (75) Family
Smith, Heather
St. Romain, Charlene
Summers. Charlene
Thibodeaux, Clarence
Trepagnier, Monica (84) and Rich
Tullier, James and Julie
Vielee, Wendy 
Voss, Mrs. Freddie
Waddell, Cheryl
Whitehead, Susan
Wagley, Mr. and Mrs. Bill