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Campaign Overview



Friends of Catholic of Pointe Coupee!


A few years ago, administration and various stakeholders embarked on the tremendous journey of conducting a capital campaign.  A needs assessment revealed areas that required enhancement, with the focus of adding instructional space for current and future students.  Eagerly, all involved began the process of raising money for Catholic of Pointe Coupee.


Generous donors quickly came to the forefront with monetary gifts, knowing that every penny given would assist in providing the best to our students.  Just like all new endeavors, there are bound to be a few changes when preparing for the future.  Change in leadership, current building concerns and financial priorities all presented new challenges to this epic task.  At this moment, the general perception is that we have given up on the campaign.  However, we have no intention of giving up!


After numerous meetings with Coleman Partners Architects, our school administration settled on an $1.6 million dollar eight-classroom structure that would connect to the current elementary building.  In addition to more instructional space, the new facility would allow for removal of the very outdated temporary buildings that currently house multiple classes.  Through your generous pledges and donations, we stand at just under one million dollars, leaving us with two options: finance the difference or raise a minimum of an additional $400k before breaking ground. After meeting with members of the finance committee and campaign leadership team to discuss alternative funding sources, the most fiscally responsible decision would be to continue collecting donations to bring us closer to our goal.  Although we intend to use a portion of our savings toward the cost of the new building, it would be financially irresponsible for us to deplete our savings due to potential unforeseen future expenses.


In no way, could we have come so far without you.  The administrative team and campaign committee will continue collaborating with stakeholders to develop a new fundraising timeline.  Our hopes, dreams and aspirations for this school are far too great to give up on the opportunity you have afforded us through your generous donations.  We sincerely appreciate your continued support as we come together as One Family, One Vision in Christ.