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One school, many stories: be an Accelerated Reader!
Students in grades 1-4 participate in our Accelerated Reader program. Within the first few weeks of school your child will take a STAR Reading test. This test will help determine your child's ZPD (zone of proximal development) range. the ZPD range identifies the level of books each student should be reading.
Once this range is established, individual reading goals will be set. Students should be sure to read each book thoroughly before testing on it. Ideally a student should test on a book within 2 days of completing it so that story details are not forgotten. This is important because once a student takes an AR quiz, it cannot be retaken. Students will be allowed to test on books in the computer lab, library, and classroom with teacher permission. AR tests can only be taken at school.
If students are reading at home and utilizing free reading time at school, each student should be able to accomplish his/her goals and achieve AR points. New point goals are set monthly. If a student reaches his/her monthly goal, a "brag tag" is awarded!
All of the books in our library are AR books and are labeled by color according to reading level. The higher the level, the more points the book is worth. If you're checking out books from the public library, log in to
to see if the book is an AR book. Accelerated Reader provides quizzes for over 170,000 titles.
Parents, encourage your children to read! The more they read, the more points they'll earn. Ask your child to tell you about the book he/she is reading. This will help them on the AR quiz. Also, ask about any AR quizzes they may have taken that day. Parents may also login to AR Home Connect to check their student's progress. Login information is sent home at the beginning of the year. Happy reading!