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Check-out policy
Students in grades 1-4 may check out a library book for one week. He or she may renew the book weekly as many times as necessary. A book must be returned before another can be checked out. Check-out rules for grades 5 and 6 are more relaxed. These students are not required to renew a book weekly (although it's a good idea to do so) as long as they are able to keep track of its whereabouts. They visit the library when they are able to, therefore we expect a book back when the student has finished reading it. Books are generally expected back within a month, however.
Computer usage
Our six library computers may be used to access the CSPC Library catalog, take an Accelerated Reader quiz, or search World Book Online. Students cannot print from these computers. Computers may not be used for gaming or general internet searching.
I lost a library book, now what?
If the book has been lost for less than four weeks, we ask you to keep looking for it. You'll receive a friendly verbal reminder in library class to keep looking for the missing item. Remember, you cannot check out a new book until the missing book has been returned or paid for. Once an item is four weeks overdue, an overdue notice will be sent home.
After six weeks have passed since the book was due, the book is officially considered lost. At that point, you must choose to either return the missing item or pay the replacement cost. It is our hope that no one ever has to pay for a lost book. Our ultimate goal is always to get our original book back!
The best case scenario is the return of the actual missing library book. If that is not going to happen, please provide the library with either the cash (correct change only, please, as we are unable to make change) or a check made out to CSPC to cover the replacement cost. If an exact copy of the missing item cannot be obtained by the librarian, a similar title will be substituted.
If, after paying for a lost book, you manage to locate and return the item, the library will refund the amount paid. No refunds will be given after 30 days.
Please be aware that library books are becoming more and more expensive. The average cost of a hardcover children's book is now $24.00. Many parents experience "sticker shock" when they are presented with a bill for a lost library book.
It is also important to know that the library cannot accept used or new copies of missing items in place of paying the replacement cost. Many of our books are purchased with special library bindings to make them more durable for heavy use. For this reason, our library can only accept cash or check payments for the replacement of lost items.
I accidently damaged a library book. Now what?
Here are the four most common types of damage:
*pets - especially dogs
*babies and toddlers - who are too young to know how to take care of books properly
*food - keep library books away from the kitchen table, please!
*liquids - cups spill, juice boxes explode, rain and puddles develop. All of these are dangerous for library books.
Despite your best intentions, occasionally a library book is accidentally damaged. If this happens to your library book, you will not "get in trouble" in the library. Return the damaged item to the library with a note explaining what happened. The librarian will then take a look at the damage and see if she can repair the problem. If not, you or your family will need to pay the replacement cost.
Once again, if you must pay replacement costs you may pay by cash (correct change only, please) or by check (made out to CSPC). Money paid for damaged items cannot be refunded.
We mistakenly returned a library book from the CSPC (school) Library to the wrong library. Now what?
If you also visit the Pointe Coupee Parish Library, this may happen very easily. The barcodes used by our school library cannot be read by the barcode scanners at other libraries - so the public library's staff catches these mix-ups. They usually save our library books in the hope that you'll come looking for it!
If the book is not eventually located and returned to our school library, you or your family will still be responsible for paying the replacement cost of the missing item.
Sometimes students mistakenly return books from the Parish Library to the CSPC Library. We catch this problem almost immediately. Pointe Coupee Parish Library barcodes cannot be read by our school's barcode scanner. We either return the book to the student, or if the student cannot be identified, to the Parish Library.
This information is adapted through the courtesy of B. Collins, Park Forest Elementary School Library website, State College, PA