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Mother Seton Award

The Mother Seton Award is presented annually by each school in the Diocese of Baton Rouge to honor one individual within the home and school community who emulates the qualities and service of Mother Elizabeth Anne Seton, for whom the award is named.  Mother Seton was the founder of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and a pioneer in Catholic education.  She establised the first Catholic elementary school in the United States in Baltimore in 1808 as well as an orphanage in Philadelphia in 1814. Through her life as a wife, mother, widow and member of a religious order, Mother Seton became an exemplary role model and an inspiration to others who follow in her footsteps. She was canonized in 1975 by Pope Paul VI.

The 2017-18 receipent is Alice Boudreaux!  Congratulations, Alice! 

Mother Seton Award Recipients
1987-88 Lynne M. Landry
1988-89 Sarita Bouanchaud
1989-90 Sandra Roberts Hebert
1990-91 Nelda Beaud (1969)
1991-92 Dr. Louis Montelaro
1992-93 Roxann Pearce
1993-94 Richard Crochet
1994-95 Charles Boudreaux
1995-96 Prudence Morgan (1976)
1996-97 Lynell Gay (1970)
1997-98 Keith Miller (1968)
1998-99 Pat Hebert
1999-00 Kay Bouanchaud
2000-01 Ellen Engemann
2001-02 Faye Fontaine
2002-03 Tina Langlois
2003-04 June Smith (1975)
2004-05 Anthony Blanchard
2005-06 Ann P. Bachmann (1975)
2006-07 Mary Labatut
2007-08 Rene Thibodeaux
2008-09 Lucille R. Engemann (1978)
2009-10 Marty Frey (1985)
2010-11 Gregory Cline
2011-12 Melissa Canezaro
2012-13 Gerard "Hawkeye" LaCour
2013-14 Monica Spustek
2014-15 Elizabeth Brown
2015-16 Carla Beatty
2016-17 - Monica Trepagnier (1984)
2017-18 - Alice Boudreaux